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Case Name: (Na) vs Weberlein, Gerilyn Marie
File Date: 2018-06-05
State: Texas
Case Name: (Na) vs Williams, Brittaney
File Date: 2018-06-05
State: Texas
Case Name: In Re: Order for Foreclosure Concerning: 13 Loggerhead, Hitchcock, Texas 77563, Pineloch Holdings, LLC
File Date: 2018-06-05
State: Texas
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Attorney(s) found:

, Tad Nelson

Party(s) found:

, Pineloch Holdings, LLC, Williams, Brittaney, Weberlein, Gerilyn Marie

Judge(s) found:

(Judicial Officer: Neves, Kerry ), (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Cox, Lonnie)

Case Number(s) found:

18-CR-1782, 18-CV-0721, 18-NTM04-0648

Case Type(s) found:

Contract -APPLICATION Judicial Order - Expedited Foreclosure, Non-Traffic Misdemeanor, Adult Felony

Case Status(es) found:

Sent to Omni, Pre-Indictment, Active

Disposition(s) found:

Location(s) found:

Texas, Galveston County