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Case Name: The State of Texas vs. Dontraye Kelawn Mayes, Et Al
File Date: 2018-06-12
State: Texas
Case Name: In Re: In the Interest of a Child/Ren
File Date: 2018-06-12
State: Texas
Case Name: CAPITAL One Bank (USA), n.a. Vs. John Sumlin
File Date: 2018-06-12
State: Texas
Case Name: (Na) vs FAUST, Elizabeth Suzanne
File Date: 2018-06-12
State: Texas
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Attorney(s) found:

Charlotte J Jernigan, Galveston County District Attorney, David a Wright, Michael W Cooper, Roger Moore, Winifred Bandy Weber

Party(s) found:

State of Texas, CAPITAL One Bank (USA), Sumlin, John D, Mayes, Dontraye Kelawn|united States Fire Insurance Company, Pointer, Charles Anthony, Jr.|williams, Christina Elaine, FAUST, Elizabeth Suzanne

Judge(s) found:

McCumber Kathleen Judgment McCumber Kathleen, (Judicial Officer: Neves, Kerry ), (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Cox, Lonnie)

Case Number(s) found:

18-CR-1851, 18CV0335-A, 18-DC04-0284, 18-CV-0757

Case Type(s) found:

Ag (Title Iv-D Oag USE Only) Paternity, Criminal Matters - Bond Forfeiture, Adult Felony, Debt Claim

Case Status(es) found:

Active, Disposed - Probation/Deferred, Dismissed

Disposition(s) found:

, NA

Location(s) found:

Texas, Galveston County